Brussels Christmas Market, named as Europe’s most original Christmas market” by many travel bloggers, websites or travel agencies. The spectacle is available between 28 November until the beginning of January. This year, the Christmas Market in Brussels is huge. I just came from it. It is cold, live shows everywhere, light shows, aroma of country hot wine everywhere, a lot of people and oh…wait a minute, I want to focus on this subject.

People are warm and nice, and they seem to have a special desire for shopping all over the market. Not to mention eating delicious food and taste the magical Jenever (a belgian traditional liquor). Same as the last year, the Christmas in Brussels brings people together. You can find tourists from all nationalities, races, and languages, all together in a perfect harmony.

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The guest of honour.

This year, Winter Wonders is honouring the City of Quebec. C0ol and original project, with a perfect collaboration between these two cities. Here, you can enjoy live shows, taste traditional food and drinks from the City of Quebec and much more.

Unfortunately it was too dark for taking decent pictures but I will come back soon so stay tunned for more 🙂






A larger Christmas village.

This year, the event will include new streets. It will, therefore, offer more fluidity to visitors and retailers, and I can confirm that. It’s easier to walk through it and easier to get out from the crowd.


This year, Christmas in Brussels is as unique as last year was.  Bellow, I’m gonna share with you some pictures from last year.

Brussels Christmas Market 2013


Brussels Christmas Market 2013


Brussels Christmas Market 2013


Brussels Christmas Market 2013

The 2013 edition was crowned 3rd best Christmas market in Europe, behind Strasbourg and Dresden. Let’s stay connected on this year 🙂