A couple of years ago, I held a travel workshop at the university where I used to study. Surprisingly, there were no empty seats left. Being in a faculty of geography, I could already notice a high level of wanderlust. But first, I wanted to know with whom I am talking, so I asked the group:

– who loves to travel? Me me me me were heard from the crowd.

– why do you love to travel? I asked again. Only few of them actually responded to this question.

For me travel has been more than an all-consuming passion. I was bitten by the travel bug as a child and that bite still keeps me infected. It sounds easy, but have you ever asked yourself, why do YOU love to travel? For a long time I actually failed to answer this question. 

Without further ado these are my ideas in no particular order.

1. Seeing the best in people. The world is filled with loving, caring, interesting, inspiring, wonderful people. I’m ashamed to admit that sometimes I am strongly influenced by the daily unpleasant situations and I forget the good in people. I often get a little nervous when traveling to a new place and meet new people, and that’s because I expect the opposite, although most of the time I was warmly welcomed with love, honesty, and acceptance.

Why do I love to travel

2. I come home a better person. I love meeting new people, be that people that live in the places I’m visiting or other travelers who have landed in the same spot. Learning their stories, adventures, and values always sends me home with a new way of thinking. It’s maybe the most pure feeling of growing up and open your mind a bit. Coming back home is the best part of my journey.

3. It belongs to me. That feeling…of having something that really belongs to you. Strong words? Maybe. But your life can turn 180 degrees and lose everything you have today – been there, done that – easy like that.

Travel memories? You could only forget them, but they will always be inside you, influencing your perspectives on life one way or another. Your photos? They will remember who you really are and how you see the world through the lens. You’re trapped.

Why do I love to travel

4. I can’t get enough of it. Whether it’s about the country I’m visiting or about myself, there is a never-ending supply of knowledge that’s just waiting to be uncovered. This is a circuit that will never stop. Who said it’s a small world? The more I travel, the bigger the world gets!

5. I’m infected with the travel bug. And there’s no cure for this.

…although there’s always a cure. Maybe, but I don’t rush.

Does that make me feel happy ? Yes.

Is there really anything more important than this? No.


Why do YOU Love to Travel?