I had no idea what or where Madeira was before somebody recommended me to explore this island. I figured it out after that Madeira is a famous holiday destination, especially for affordable all-inclusive resorts – so maybe that’s why I had no clue about it – but there is much more than that.

Pretty rock beaches, rainforest, stunning mountains, colorful cities, culture and history, delicious wine, and plenty of adventure beyond the big resorts.

The life on the island was sweet.

Most of the island is an exuberant botanical garden of volcanic soil where just about anything grows. Madeira Island has been the perfect place for me to recharge and I’m certain that I will be back sooner rather than later. The place reeked of good vibes, it was purely magic. It’s all I can say about it now, as I let my pictures talk for me. I hope the video will transmit all of these vibes.

I’m looking forward for your feedback, now play, play, play! 🙂