Volunteering makes the heart grow larger and fonder and not only that enriches a big travel experience, but it reminds you to turn into a human being.  Today’s experience remembered me about something that I almost forgot; you can really journey anywhere, whenever you want, in your own way.  Besides, we often do not see how interesting can be the city where we live and we just keep look forward to a next vacation abroad.

Working in one of the largest hotel chains has its own benefits, besides all the stereotypes that a corporation offer. There are quite a lot of volunteering programs in which we get involved with the local community we live in. Responsible Business is just one of them. Not only I adore it, but it opens me new horizons and allows me to travel far, while working a full-time job. 

So today I had my chance to volunteer into a children’s house with kids that were less lucky than me in their start of this long journey, called life. They led me in their world of simplicity, fairness and equality. And I have to admit, I kind of liked it.

The kids were full of energy and eager to learn about everything, so it was easy to fit in their group. In the morning I shared a lovely breakfast with them, then proceeded to a creative Super Hero workshop, in the end, teaching Gregory how to become a photographer 🙂 


There are many ways to better understand and respect other cultures as we travel, but for me, the most effective has been volunteering. 

Because in the end, the chance to give something back, share our skills and knowledge, or simply spending a moment with people we don’t even know – this is what travelling is all about.

So what about you? What was your best volunteer experience?