This was Malta’s iconic Azure Window.

A year ago, back to 2016, I had the chance to travel to Malta and explore some parts of Gozo, all with a different style and story. Much of what I read about this tiny island highlighted the dive sites, but in April, diving and snorkeling wasn’t really an option. After spending 5 days on the island of Malta and seeing most of the attractions from my ‘To Do’ list, I finally/hardly decided to head to Gozo, to photograph Gozo’s most famed site – the Azure Window near Dwejra Bay. Back then, I had no idea that I won’t have this chance again.

Yesterday, the Azure Window from Game of Thrones has collapsed into the sea due to erosion – accelerated by human activity and heavy storms.

And I almost didn’t go to Gozo…

Look at this beautiful place as it was in its prime last year. I was aware that it was threatened due to long-time sea and wind erosion, so I’m happy that I got to see it, while it was still offering a breathtaking Gozitan view.

Azure Window

Azure Window after the heavy storm.

Azure Window

Screenshot: Konrad Scicluna

The Azure Window is a sad loss but Gozo remains a beautiful island, covering itself in jewels of azure and deep sea blue. The atmosphere here is more relaxed, the locals’ way of life is slower and it allows you to dive into the local culture and get a glimpse of how the Gozitans live. There’s still so much to see in a small country bursting with history around every corner.

So go once, go twice…enjoy every moment and explore as many nature wonders you can, as many of them might not make it through this decade.