After writing dozen of articles about the town of Ghent I came to the conclusion that I can’t really say enough about it.

One year ago I was wondering why would you live a place like this. This year, purely subjective, I find Ghent the most splendid place I’ve ever visited. Period.

The first thing you feel when you enter in Ghent is the vibe. A vibe that personally, I never felt in Belgium or elsewhere – the Ghent flow, as I like to call it. From the train station, a street musician will welcome you with its acoustic guitar. People of Ghent are celebrating the sun, creativity, imperfection, music, tranquility and life’s little pleasures.

The Ghent flow

But putting aside its flow, I consider the city being a hidden treasure of Belgium. And I’m not talking only about its beauty – BTW Ghent it’s so freaking gorgeous – but about the mood you feel once you set foot in it. You need one, maybe two hours, to start asking yourself:


How, in this world, there is still a city where people actually live like this?

The Ghent flow

 Ghent, Belgium

Would you mind waking up 20 minutes early to drink your coffee here?

 Ghent, Belgium

Having your lunch break here?

 Ghent, Belgium

Think for a moment. Can you imagine walking on streets like this?

 Ghent, Belgium

Having your own castle? 🙂

 Ghent, Belgium

Eating delicious fatty fries after drinking the famous Belgian beers? MmmmMmmm…

Belgian Fries - Ghent, Belgium

Getting back to food, everyone knows that Belgium’s world famous gastronomic delights are the Belgian fries (above), waffles, beer, moules frites and chocolate.

But the cuberdonos is the Belgium’s secret sweet that has fallen below the radar.

A cuberdon is a Belgian candy, full of history and tradition. The original recipe of this cone-shaped candy is known to only a very few Belgian craftsmen, each of them having their own personal touch.

cuberdon - A belgian candy

belgian cuberdon

Ghent is small. Ghent is relaxed. And Ghent has the look.

ghent architecture

These facades in Ghent…fascinating designs and shapes with colors to match.

ghent architecture

Talking about colors…

ghent, BELGIUM

graffiti ghent

Some more stunning architecture….BAM!


What about you? Have you felt the Ghent flow before?