Okay, let’s get this over and done with quickly: Switzerland is an expensive place – tourists know that. And honestly it’s kinda boring to read dozens of articles about how irritating is Switzerland for its backpackers visitors. And yes, it might be frustrating seeing your budget going down terribly fast, but in Switzerland you have an enormous variety of extreme activities that you can do. I came home broke from Switzerland but I don’t regret any cent. In this country your budget depends on how you live and travel.

I guess it should be no surprise, but Switzerland rated very high on ECA International’s list of the most expensive cities in the world for expats to live. 4 of the top 10 places are in Switzerland, #7 Zurich, #8 Geneva, #9 Basel and #10 Bern.


On Mercers scale of the most livable cities, Zurich, Geneva and Berne are also in the top ten. So I guess it’s true, you get what you pay for…

Switzerland is expensive? Really? Could you also tell us something new?

Actually Switzerland is expensive for foreigners and normal for the locals. Tourism is always an expensive bargain while loitering in your own country is cheap as peanuts.

Yes, you will pay more. But the trade-off for high Swiss prices is better quality. The people of Switzerland actually examine quality before price and are used to their system providing them with superior, locally made items. Swiss manufacturers are said to be perfectionists. Transportation, infrastructure and public spaces are run efficiently and well-maintained. Living standards are very high and it’s easy to get used to the comforts of Switzerland once you’re there. Your biggest expenses while in Switzerland are likely to be long-distance public transport, accommodation and eating out. Oh, and yes, the water is free 🙂

Swiss people are accustomed to paying high prices and they do not like to question them. They will merely say, ‘That’s the price!’

Are Swiss trains expensive?

Yes. But only for you fellow traveller. Regular tickets are quite expensive. They will ruin your budget in a very short time, even if you didn’t planned to travel with a restricted budget. However, most visitors and Swiss nationals have some type of travel pass. If you are planning to do a return journey and some local travel in between, or to live in Switzerland for a period, then you may find it makes good sense to purchase such a product.

And to be honest Switzerland has an excellent public transportation. In fact, a train ride through the Alps is a thrilling event in itself. A funicular railway is a life experience. It’s obvious that you need a budget for traveling and feeling the Swiss experience. Especially in the mountain regions.



What about you? Do you have some tips about? Tell me more about your experience in Switzerland.