I’ll start this post with a confession. Three years living in Brussels weren’t enough to convince me that the city is not a dream land for me. I just feel this way. Nevertheless, from the day I set foot here, I was able to notice that this has not to be a dream land or a mass tourist attraction full of cheesy sights but rather a quality destination. In a cultural perspective. And here I’m gonna point the reason for which I think this way:

L’Art Nouveau – it was the first detail that won my attention. Brussels is the capital of Art Nouveau style and all the magnificient structures throughout the capital city are recognized as world heritage by UNESCO. It is weird, (but) splendid, hard-to-understand style. Thanks to this, I started to appreciate more the quality and not the quantity of a city. It was launched in 1893 by two architects, Victor Horta and Paul Hankar and I must say that it is not only found in architecture, it also stamped its mark on furniture, carpets, decorative objects and jewellery.

It’s reported that Brussels has more than 200 Art Nouveau structures to offer.

So in a morning, I took my camera and I started to hunt Art Nouveau houses. Not long after that, I started to wonder how does it look on the inside. That’s something I wanted to see….but…I visited every place I could and I also asked for photography visits. Most of them are not cheap. Besides, it does not allow individual visits, only groups of 25 which cost around 500€ and I’m not sure if photography is allowed inside. I may say no. For individuals, however, you have particular days during the year at a very fixed schedule.

I have visited no less than 25 places but I’ll list my top 7 along with the street address for those who want to see them. It was cold as hell, foggy and light rain so the photos are not great. The selection is pure subjective.

Horta Museum: the private house and studios of the architect

Rue Américaine 25 – 1060 Bruxelles

Art Nouveau

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Private house

Rue Defacqz 72, 1050 Bruxelles. *(or 72 I can’t remember exactly)


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…and my favorite private house in Brussels. On the ground floor you can find a hairdressing salon 🙂

Near to Maison Communale Saint Gilles – 1060

Art Nouveau in Brussels

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La Maison Nelissen

L’avenue du Mont Kemmel, nr. 5.  1190 – Bruxelles


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This house was recently renovated inside and now is for sale for the price of 735 000 €. They also uploaded some pics from interior. That’s style!

Untitled  Untitled*Print screens from here.

Ciamberlani house

Rue Defacqz 48, 1050 Brussels


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Private house

Rue Africaine 92 – 1060 Bruxelles


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Hôtel Solvay

Avenue Louise 224 – 1050 Bruxelles


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