Hi, I’m Mario and I suffer from extreme wanderlust. Marketer by profession and traveller by nature, I decided to show the real beauty of the world through the lens, when I become a photographer. Born in Romania, I made my studies in geography, development & culture, and then I started to explore the connections between cultures, environment, people and their beauty, traveling and learning. I have an active interest in travel beyond the normal package holidays.

I am a social traveller, if I can say so. First I am interested about people, their culture, how and for what they live. Every article is written by my own hand and soul, inspired from my trips I take. I simply love to get in contact with people, communicate and live with them, like them.

This blog isn’t a diary or a list of places to visit – it goes deeper to look at the people, the culture and the stories behind the brochures.

I want to find stories from out-of-the-way places, stories that I am passionate about. I want to learn more about other countries and share those experiences with everyone who is interested. I hope that includes YOU! :)

In the present I am based in Brussels, Belgium.

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