14th July. A special date for me, as every year reminds me that I’m one year older wiser. 🙂

Normally, the thing to do when you turn any age and have a Facebook account or a blog is to write about life and tell people what they should do, listing the top 10 life quotes.

I’m not going to do that. I’m 27. I don’t feel that it’s the moment to impart wisdom to the world. I’m still trying to figure life out!

Travel advice? Photography? Some professional marketing, social media or PR advice? How to play some guitar? Sure. I’d be glad to. Those are things I’ve learned and done.

But life advice? No way.

Twenty-seven years on this planet have taught me that I know nothing about life. I’m still to the ‘baby steps’ stage.

Twenty-six to twenty-seven was a year of great growth for me, both professionally and personally. But that hasn’t changed the fact that this process has been done with some regrets.  

I don’t believe in ‘having no regrets’ philosophy. But I did what I did. And I made my decisions the best I could, in that specific moment.

The last year(s) I saw more people leaving than I’ve seen in my entire life. With some, I became stranger – with memories.

I don’t dream to see the whole world. Not anymore. I learned that the more I travel, the bigger the world gets. I want to visit less places, and spend more time in. Get into the culture, learn about the people, listen more, photograph, and simply go with the flow. From now on, I’d rather stay one year in the same place, than visiting the globe in 3 weeks.

Less is more.

One wish. I wish to wake up every day and be a better version of myself. That’s all I can hope for my birthday – that I’ll make smarter, wiser decisions, reach more of my goals and that I’ll be a better person that what I was in the beginning.

After all, it’s all about progress, not perfection.

Oh.. one last thing. I wish to remain the same happy person. I’m pretty damn good at it 🙂

PS: A massive thank you all for following my adventures and reading my stories. Also thank you to all my friends I met during the last year at work, at the meet-ups, events, and on the road. Thank you for everything.