We all know this cliché that “nobody’s perfect”. It’s used or heard almost every day, and it’s somehow true. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, nobody’s perfect. Hopefully, though, we’re all getting better and are on our way to perfection. We learn, travel, find a job and different hobbies, find someone we love, so that we can get better. My perspective might be different from the rest of yours, but in a way or another, we are all on our way to perfection. We may not have arrived yet, but we’re on our way.

Getting back into my personal life, I used to get discouraged about how far I had to go, and it seemed like I was reminded of it every day. I carried a constant sense of failure — a feeling that I needed to try harder. Yet when I did try harder, I only failed again.

I still have so many questions I didn’t find an answer – a true and real answer. Indeed, the truth is not an easy thing to find, and I may never find it finally. Therefore, I refuse to get stuck. These questions are nothing but our mind’s strategy to keep us stuck where we are, to stop us from taking risks, to help us avoid danger

Life is short, and we only get to live it once. I want to look back and say I did things that make life worth living, not say I spent my life reading blogs like this while wishing I was stopping to wait for someone to travel with.

I have absolutely no idea what my next destination will be, but I’ll go with all my heart. In short, I’m OK and I’m on my way to get better! I know a trip does not last forever, so I’ll enjoy every drop of rain, every pic I take, every new friend I meet. Besides, I don’t think something has to last forever to be awesome. As long as it was real…