Hello! It’s me, blog, I remember you! Oh hey, I’ve missed you too.

It’s not that I’ve been meaning to ignore you, it’s just that I’ve been distracted. After a tough year and some very stressful months at the end of 2015, I felt to disconnect for a while, and relax for the bit. It’s just what my doctor ordered.

Did I succeeded? Hmmm, not really. Let’s just blame my insatiable need to multitask and work in an environment where I have to deal with so many different areas and write for many other people. Also deadlines are not cool.

Luckily I’ve finally got myself some writing time and I’m working on a full time schedule for publishing more stories around the world. From now on there won’t be any excuses, and yes, you can use this statement as a proof.

To conclude, let’s just say that for both of us, 2016 starts over on February.