Hallerbos – stepping into a fairytale forest (in photos)

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Sometimes, you don’t have to travel far to find adventure, eat good food, and enjoy unique natural wonders.

No less than four years took me to photograph Hallerbos forest in all its splendor, and not because I kept my photos hidden in all this time, but because each time I arrived too late, still enjoying the beauty of the forest, but without seeing these fairy flowers.

Hallerbos is actually real, and it looks exactly like in pictures. It’s a wonderful forest & hiking area in Belgium, which becomes all carpeted with bluebell flowers in spring. Once you set foot in it, you might think you’ve stepped into a dream but no no no, you’re just 30 min ride from Brussels.

That being said, I believe Hallerbos is a wonderland on earth. With or without bluebell flowers.

Don’t believe me? I think these photos should prove it. Besides, I don’t know what I could possibly say to make this place look any more gorgeous than it already is:


Hallerbos - Belgium

The sun is everything, it really brings the forest to life.


Foggy weather, or early mornings are perfect for photographers, giving the woods a mysterious atmosphere and a powerful yellow light.

Hallerbos - Belgium

Kids? I’ve seen many, and they seem to be in their blue wonderland 🙂


A forest out of this world…



Not convinced yet? This might help you…


Hallerbos - Belgium


Hallerbos - Belgium

More close-up

Hallerbos - Belgium

Hallerbos - Belgium

With or without bluebell flowers, Hallerbos remains a lovely place for walking, hiking cycing and horse riding enthusiasts


Practical information 

The Hallerbos is open all year round and there is no entrance fee. The only price you pay is only your respect for the flowers and nature – the only rule the forest has is to always stay on the paths, also when taking pictures and filming. Regrettably, I saw a few visitors trying to take portrait pictures between the flowers, going off the paths, and walking on the flowers and sneak in the wood to take pictures. Not cool.

How to get there: 

By car:  Halle city is situated about 10 kilometers south of Brussels and the forest around 20km. From Brussels, take the ring – direction E19 Brussels-Mons. It takes around 20 minutes to get there.

By public transport: You can simply take a train to Halle (it takes around 30 min). From the train station in Halle take the TEC bus number 114 (around 10 min ride), direction ‘Vlasmarkt’ but make sure to ask the driver. On weekends take the bus ‘De Lijn’ number 156 to ‘Lembeek Cong’ or 155 to ‘“Essenbeek Mooi Vergezicht’. Both take around 20 min + 20 min walk to the forest. The buses don’t come very often – once every hour. An alternative is to rent a ‘Blue Bike’ from the Halle station. It’s cheap, practical & fun.

When to come:

Hallerbos is special every time of the year but if you want to enjoy the flowering season you should come from mid-April to early May. In spring it’s full of bird song and in winter it becomes a pure wonderland. The bluebells do not bloom at the same time every year, as the weather plays an important role in the flowering process so make sure you check the website which is impressively well updated.

Oh, did I mention that this forest has its own website?