8AM and the alarm rings exactly in that moment when I’m sharing the best moments with my pillow. Time to take off again. I barely get out of bed, crap, that train station seems to far away. I have no idea where I am going, but I guess I’ll visit one of the Belgium’s big three – Brussels, Bruges or Antwerp.

I get to the train station and I actually decided that I’ll go to Ghent this time. I want to soak up the culture, cuisine, beer and atmosphere of a beautifully preserved medieval city. That’s everything I know about it. Lonely Planet calls it “the best kept secret of Europe”. So let’s go, let’s visit Ghent, Belgium!


Ghent is an elegant masterpiece.

Ghent is a cocktail.

Ghent is a free love.

Ghent is a city from another world, from a different time. A city steeped in the rich native medieval history. A short walk from the train station to city centre is like walking through a historical painting filled with lovely houses, charming cafes and quiet…so quiet streets.

The center of Ghent is impressively beautiful and I’m trying hard to have a 360° eyesight to capture everything. Walking through the tiny alleys and seeing all the cathedrals, squares, castles, and all the other architecture landmarks, it’s so wooaauu. I find a terrace and I’m gonna stay here for hours, watching the people through a red beer glass.

Before I leave to a next spot, I look back again. I see this.


Then I look right, just next to me. Isn’t this a lovely day?


Ghent is a cocktail.

With 65,000 students (on a total of 250,000 inhabitants) the city is lively and full of action. Best festivals, best parties, best bars, how the hell is possible to study here? I got drunk twice already, 😯 and it’s not even evening yet. People are open, international, and even a soap seller can talk with me in any language I want. I’ve never seen so many expats (foreigners, expatriates, aliens!) living all together.


Time for some small bars. Again.


There is no country in the world offering such a variety of really tasty (and strong) beers, and Ghent is a crucial piece that creates such a big beer menu. I’m stopping in Dreupelkot – oh…you’re going to adore this place 🙂 – one of the smallest and classic Belgian genever in the whole city. Pol, the owner, makes this place worth a visit. I won’t upload any picture of him, seeing him in person will definitely make your day.

Ghent is a free love 


If by any chance, after seeing these pictures, you’re starting planning a trip to Ghent, be aware that you may fall in love with, so please consider staying more than I did. Getting into the vibe of the city requires much more than a short walk through the city center and then return back to the train station. 

Besides, why to leave a place you love?