There are several cities in Belgium that are a step up in overall beauty, but for me it’s just one who has the buzz and character that Ghent does. It might sounds cliché but Ghent has that feeling of chill and tranquility, with wonderful people, street artists, winding canals who bring a new personality to the city. Besides, it gives you the opportunity to explore an open-air museum, especially during the night. After several visits into this city there are not many things left to say. This masterpiece offers me every time the feeling that ‘this is not real’.

So may I ask again, why would I leave a place like this?


Ghent is visual, and that’s the part I love most. When night falls, thousands of spotlights switch on and bring out the best of the medieval heart of the city. For photographers, this is gold.




What I love about the city is that not only is it incredibly beautiful, but it feels lived in with a unique personality of its own. It feels…alive. Maybe this is the difference I see between Ghent, and other Belgian cities; here, the night is always young and it makes you want to stay up all night!

I can write pages and pages about the beauty and peculiarities of this city, but no words can describe so well this splendor. I’ll drop few more pictures which I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did while taking them 🙂