The results of the referendum are in and voters of Brexit came out the victor. If you have been following the news you will know that this has had a massive effect on many different issues including the future of British tourism in Europe. The Telegraph reports that two thirds of tourists to the UK are from Europe. With the pound falling and the future uncertain we look at the current state of traveling to and from the UK.

The concerns of Brexit for UK travelers to Europe were documented before the referendum. The article published by Parking4Less, a company that operates out of all the major airports in the UK, addressed the fact that if Brexit was successful it would likely mean a hike in airfare and things such as reduced duty free allowances.

So, now that the results of the referendum have been announced, what does this mean for travelers coming to the UK or leaving it to travel around Europe?

The first thing to say is that while the final implications of the referendum are not yet certain, travelers shouldn’t start cancelling their trips. Nothing has changed yet and is not expected to for at least another two years while the British government negotiates with the European Union. European citizens are still free to move around Europe without visas, although visitors to the UK will notice that their money goes a little further.

Second no matter what the eventual outcome of Brexit is, traveling around Europe is still one of the best journeys a traveler can make. Whether you dance at some of the many world famous music festivals such as Exit or Secret Garden Party, stop over in Paris to feast on scrumptious French cuisine, drink beer at Oktoberfest in Germany or get swept up in Europe’s biggest street festival, the Notting Hill Carnival in London, traveling around Europe has never been easier or more fun.

If Brexit is getting you down then traveling is the best cure to cheer you up. European politics may be changing but Europe still hard to beat when it comes to a vibrant destination for travelers to spend their time exploring.