There is one genius and simple formula to making a fortune from travelers in & searching for love:

You choose a love story.

Find a location for it. Italy is fine.

Locate an iconic building – Build a balcony – call it Juliet’s balcony.

Build a statue with boobs.

Lay down and watch money grow.

Verona is a very nice city. People are coming here to enjoy opera festivals in the famous Roman-era Verona Arena, which is one of the most glorious building I’ve ever seen. They also come to see Casa di Giulietta, which personally I found it by accident in the center of the mediaeval town, in the Via di Capello.

And here the surprise came.

Walking through a nice and tiny entrance you will notice a huge wall covered in graffiti, gums and some locks. In short, you will find a wall with almost every space covered in some original love poems.

People have written names inside hearts, stickers, posters and anything they could write on.

Juliet's House

There’s even a wall of “mutually chewed” gum!

This formula of making money is so successful that there is absolutely no room to move in the courtyard at the House of Juliet. It wasn’t even the high season and already I found it full of tourists. A courtyard where you’ll see a lot of money changing hands for nothing related with the story.

Juliet's House

Some people are buying souvenirs. Others are paying 6 euro for visiting Juliet’s house, mainly so they can take their perfect portrait picture on the balcony. But there’s a massive teamwork in this.

The girl is getting ready on the balcony.


The partner, is paying another entry fee to a souvenir shop so he can go to another balcony just in front to the Juliet’s one, and take that glorious photo.

Juliet's House

It’s brillant!

Going further, you’ll find that bronze statue of Juliet, I was talking about, having her breasts fondled. The legend says that if you touch her right breast you will have good fortune in your love life.

Juliet's House

Right brest! They said right brest!

Did I said that I simply loved the time spent there?