*Foreword: For this post you may need a small dose of enthusiasm and humour.

Most of what comes out of the Balkans today concerns economics, most specifically the ongoing economic crisis in Greece which mirrors, perhaps less acutely, a similar economic malaise in other Balkan countries.                          

But let’s change the subject a bit. Why should you go to the Balkans, what can you see and do there? Is there a way to enjoy your trip in this region of Europe? There is still a war going on? Is it cold? 

I dont know why, but most of the people will think you are crazy to travel the Balkans by yourself. You may be surprised, but I’ve seen much more tranquility in these countries than it the rest of Europe. Without exception, all the small countries here are simply wonderful, safe and promising. And…that’s why I hate it.

So here you have my hater Top 5 list :

1) Landscape variety

Sun and surf or mountains and snowboard. Yes, you read well, the sunny islands of Croatia and Greece are fairly well known by their beauty and “just around the corner” in Montenegro, Romania and Bulgaria you can go hiking, snowboarding and do whatever you want in the mountains. Besides, in Greece you could find the mountain and the beach in the same landscape. The beaches here are a cheaper, less crowded alternative to the French or Italian Riviera. 

Ok, I’m getting confused already. Where am I going? And how should I dress? Outdoor, swimsuit? 

2) Crazy nightlife & parties

Cities like Belgrade, Sofia, Bucharest, or Athens are like a huge party epicenter in Eastern Europe. There is a constantly changing rundown of hot new clubs, bars and party boats, every night of the week. They simply like enjoying life and partying everywhere. 

Belgrade-Nightlife*Belgrade outdoor party. Source photo: http://www.balkanincoming.com/

Ok, this looks nice, but what will I do if I won’t be invited? 

3) History & Culture

Balkan countries are full with beautiful cultures and history. You can find a lot of epic ruins from both the Roman and Ottoman Empires or the beautiful churches and mosques.

History, culture, traditions, we all know it. Who still needs it? I’ve already been to Paris. Twice!

4) Networking

Without any hesitation, you will find people that know how to treat a foreigner. Besides, you will meet many interesting people with great stories. 

5) Balkan FlexyPass

A very cheap rail pass with which you can travel through 8 countries. Reason that makes me even more jealous. Arrrr

Balkan*Bosnia and Herzegovina is included in this rail pass too. Source photo: ACP Rail


What about you? Have you been to the Balkan countries? What was your experience there? Tell me about it bellow, in the comments!