20 photos that prove that Madeira is magical

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When it comes to leisure and recreation destinations, in recent years Madeira Island has been right up there near the top of all the lists. There is no surprise that it was elected as World’s best island destination in 2015 by the World Travel Awards. In recent times many friends have traveled to Portugal and shared their amazing stories & photos with me. It was easy to get inspired. But Madeira? Oh, that’s something I didn’t know much about. And wow, Madeira blow me away this February! No doubts that this is one of the most fantastic places on Earth. Don’t believe me? Let’s start with Funchal, the capital of this gorgeous island:

Have you ever heard about the ‘Levadas?’ Gosh! Most of the island visitors and locals are doing hiking trips using the footpaths of the ‘levadas’ to explore the island. There are hundreds of miles of walking trails. An infrastructure of veins that goes through amazing forests and sub-tropical regions of the island. Hiking those paths can lead you to views like this:

And sometimes, it just looks like the moon…

Knock! Knock! These tiny cabins are one of Madeira’s biggest signatures and can be found in a beautiful village called Santana. Aren’t they cute?

Santana, Madeira
‘Rocha do Navio’s Natural Reserve’ – what a splendid deserted spot. These paradise people, noticed that the coastal area was fast deteriorating because of illegal fishing with explosives, so they created a nature reserve with the objective of protecting the marine fauna, preserving nature and encouraging tourism. I loved this mighty epic area of Madeira!

Colors of Madeira…

Colors of Madeira

Nature’s beauty at its best

There are tiny sea villages that look like something directly off a postcard. This is Ponta do Sol on the south of Madeira and is one of the favorite places of the locals. Chill. But vibrant. Between the mountains and the sea. Breathtaking views!

Along the coast, you can find beautiful sea arches like this one:

Ponta do Sol, Madeira

Are you convinced that Madeira is magical yet? A sunset may help you. Seriously, don’t miss the south of the island, it’s epic!

But what would be Madeira without its puppies?

Or birds? Oh…the birds.

Have you guys been to Madeira? Any spots here you dream of visiting too? Share!